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Born in Barcelona and raised in Madrid and London, a graduate of the

London College of Communication at the University of the Arts in London.

Specializes in fashion, portrat, fine art and editorial photography.


Alexis develops a diverse activity in the world of photography as creator,

teacher, photo-retoucher, and video artist. He lives and works in London.



This is how Alexis describes his work:

When I photograph people, I go on adventures, into films, fairytale realms, worlds infused with mystery and desire. My images can be colourful, bright, dark or mysterious, I saturate colours or paint with subtle hues in order to enhance the sense of fantasy and dream, bringing my characters into a new dimension.


It almost has a magnetic challenge to the mind to figure out what it is, usually with the goal of delaying recognition so a photograph may better dialogue with the viewer, who focuses more on the medium of photography than the photographed object. I like to compare it to the experience of staring at a cloud, and seeing it metamorphose into another object.


The abstract landscape results in images that have vague or elusive qualities. They are less tangible and more unreal; the viewer is given the impression of a landscape rather than the clear reality of one. By subverting their traditional subject matter these spaces remain enigmatic and ambiguous.


Through choosing a small portion of the landscape, the viewer is challenged to discover the wholeness and left to interpret it using their own perceptions and imagination.











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