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Born in Barcelona and raised in Madrid and London, a graduate of the

London College of Printing (London College of Communication).

Specializes in fashion, portraiture, fine art and editorial photography.


Alexis develops a diverse activity in the world of photography as creator, teacher, freelance and video artist. He founded -“Fugitive Visions”– an

artistic group where different creative artists develop visual, musical and performing collaborations. He lives and works in London.


This is how Alexis describes his work:

When I photograph people , I go on adventures, into films, fairytale realms, worlds infused with mystery and desire. My images can be colourful, bright or dark and mysterious, I saturate colours or paint black and white with subtle hues in order to enhance the sense of fantasy and dream, bringing my characters into a new dimension.


I photograph temporary and threatened things. When I look through my viewfinder, the image becomes distorted, like the objects I photograph. It almost has a magnetic challenge to the mind to figure out what it is, usually with the goal of delaying recognition so a photograph may better dialogue with the viewer, who focuses more on the medium of photography than the photographed object. I like to compare it to the experience of staring at a cloud, and seeing it metamorphose into another object. My aim is to take the essence of the image or a portion of it and by using colour and or the form and or patterns in an aesthetic arrangement or combination, so the image becomes abstraction.


The impressionistic and abstract landscape results in images that have vague or elusive qualities. They are less tangible and more unreal; the viewer is given the impression of a landscape rather than the clear reality of one. Viewpoints are often chosen with not significant detail to evoke the greatest possible sense of mystery. Through choosing a small portion of the landscape, the viewer is challenged to discover the wholeness and left to interpret it using his/her own perceptions and imagination. By subverting their traditional subject matter these spaces remain enigmatic and ambiguous.










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